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Partnerships & Acquisitions

The NOBO team has a keen eye for identifying and harnessing industry relationships to build successful partnerships and take advantage of acquisition opportunities. Our team is well integrated into the national cannabis landscape and is able to leverage our expertise, industry track record and resources to implement flexible strategies that maximize the strategic value of each opportunity.

License Procurement

NOBO is uniquely suited to continue acquiring new cultivation, retail and manufacturing licenses across North America. Our extensive experience and history of profitability and compliance provides our team with numerous competitive advantages when applying for new licenses. NOBO will continue to obtain and develop licenses under direct ownership (our portfolio) and assist clients in obtaining licenses in joint ventures and strategic licensure partnerships.

Industry Consulting

NOBO’s consultation services open the doors to deploy our suite of technologies, services, capital resources and expertise and provide our clients with proven, integrated, whole-systems solutions. NOBO’s turnkey solutions create distinct competitive advantages for our clients, as price compression and sustainability-driven legislation continues to drive operators towards efficient cost-reduction strategies.

Emerging Technologies

NOBO identifies, tests and implements an industry-leading suite of sustainability-focused cultivation technologies. These technologies and practices become part of NOBO’s ‘Whole Systems’ integrated approach to minimizing environmental impact and lowering cost of production. We seek to invest directly in the most promising emerging cannabis technology companies, and have already made a significant investment to achieve controlling interest in the first PhD-driven cannabis LED lighting company, GrowRay Lighting Technologies.